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How to Fill Out The Token Information Form

2018/7/7 2:12:00AM GMT

If you are intending to list your ERC20 token on Karsha, you just need to fill out the registration form. The form contains a few fields and it takes not more than 2 minutes to fill it out. But it's important to put correct and accurate values in those fields, because most of these information will be saved permanently and most of them won't be editable afterwards. First, open the Token & ICO registration form: The fields are: Name: The name of you...

Karsha Promotional URLs

2018/2/14 6:23:23AM GMT

You can now use special URLs in the Karsha Exchange website to set default values on our exchange page. This feature can be used to promote a coin, or to speed up ordering exchanges. The URL format is like this:[=Amount]/+ToSys[:Wallet] You can change the order of these parameters or omit some of them. FromSys and ToSys would be set as the default source and destination systems. You can use a system's name, its symbol, or any of its common names. The values are cas...

List Your Coin/Token on Karsha

2018/1/22 1:25:56AM GMT

If you are doing an ICO, or you want to list your ERC20 token, we recommend you use our FREE full-featured and fully automated Token & ICO subsystem.The Token & ICO subsystem has many useful features and it's completely FREE! You can enable buy, sell, or full two-way trading, and even define a dynamic price for your token. Traditional listing only has one advantage and it is that your token will be listed on the list of the accepted systems on our home page. You can list your Coin (cryp...

Karsha Exchange API

2018/1/14 1:35:15AM GMT

Download the documentation of our API from here:

How to Buy/Sell Bitcoin

2017/12/4 2:56:38AM GMT

We currently don't support buying and selling cryptocurrencies directly via Bank Transfer, Cash, or Credit/Debit Cards. But don't worry! We have an indirect option for you to safely buy/sell cryptocurrencies. Beside various cryptocurrencies and tokens, we also support a few e-currency systems and payment gateways: AdvCash Payeer Perfect Money To buy cryptocurrencies, you just need to click on one of these links, open a free account with them, deposit money to your account, and then come...

What is Personal Salt?

2017/11/5 4:42:21AM GMT

The main problem with one-time vouchers is that they get lost. When you merge, split, or spend your vouchers, they'd be converted to new vouchers. There is a good chance that somewhere in the middle, you forget to save a voucher. This means losing it forever. Well, we have created a solution for this problem, and named it Personal Salt. A Personal Salt is a string of characters, chosen by you, which would be used when generating new vouchers. So, in a way, a Personal Salt is something like your...

Karsha Vouchers API

2017/11/4 12:54:35AM GMT

We made an easy to use and full featured API to accept Karsha Vouchers as a payment method, or make autonomous operations with Karsha Vouchers on your website. If you are not familiar with Karsha Vouchers yet, please read this article to know more about them. Also, please read this article to understand Personal Salt and its use and effect on vouchers. In all API calls, sending the Personal Salt is optional. But if you send the correct Personal Salt, the output vouchers would be chained to...

Introducing Karsha Vouchers

2017/11/4 12:37:29AM GMT

We are very excited to introduce our new service to you. Karsha Vouchers are one-time payment vouchers currently available in three currencies: USD (US Dollar), EUR (Euro), and BTC (Bitcoin). You can easily buy or sell them at our website with minimum fee, or spend them at the websites who accept them. Take a look at this voucher for example: You can view your voucher information by scanning its QRCode, visiting its URL, or visiting this URL: and entering the vouche...

We Are Listed on Monero And Bitcoin Cash Websites

2017/10/28 7:50:08AM GMT

You can find us at Monero and Bitcoin Cash websites.

Karsha is Not Backing SegWit2X

2017/10/26 5:42:14PM GMT

If you were following recent news, specially from the official website of Bitcoin (, you may have noticed the recent events about SegWit2X. Apparently, many of the big corporations which were founded around Bitcoin, including many exchanges, wallets, service providers, etc, had signed an agreement to fork the base code of Bitcoin Core (the reference codebase of Bitcoin), and implement SegWit2X. You can easily find more information about SegWit2X, and how it'd impact Bitcoin, by a lit...

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