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List your coin/token on Karsha for FREE!

2018/1/22 1:25:56AM GMT

You can list your Coin (cryptocurrency) or your Ethereum Token (ERC20) on Karsha Exchange for free. We call this "Investment Listing", because you are actually investing in Karsha. We think this is a great news, especially for ICOs, since this would help them do their crowdfunding much faster, easier, and cheaper than before. Your investors would be able to use our whole set of accepted cryptocurrencies and e-currency systems to invest in your ICO and buy your tokens. We would exchange their coins to Ether on the fly, transfer it to your wallet, and then transfer your token to their wallets.


Prerequisites for investment-listing a coin/token:

  1. The coin/token must not have bad reputation.
  2. The coin/token must have a reliable source for its price, preferably on


How does Investment-Listing work?

You will invest in Karsha in your own coin/token, and optionally any other coin you'd like. We would create special wallets for your investment, which would be used as the main wallets for processing exchange orders to/from your coin/token. You can check the wallets balances and view incoming and outgoing transactions at any time, to see the live status of processing orders and to make sure that everything is working as intended.

As mentioned, you only need to invest in your own coin/token. We would also create an empty Ethereum wallet for you. This way, at the beginning, only exchanging "to" your coin/token would be available on our website. Customers would be able to exchange any coin/token we support to your coin/token on our website. We would first convert their coin/token to ETH (if needed), transfer the amount to the Ethereum wallet which was created for your coin/token, and then send your coin/token to their wallet.

After we gathered some amounts of ETH in exchange of selling your coin/token, exchanging "from" your coin/token to any other coin/token we support would also be enabled. This way, after receiving your coin/token from the customer, we would convert the equal amount from your Ethereum wallet to the customer's desired coin/token. If you are listing a one-way coin/token, you can ask us to not enable exchanges "from" your token at all, even after we had enough funding for that.

You can invest in other coins/tokens we support, beside investing in your own coin/token. This way, both exchange directions to and from your coin/token would be available from the beginning. This would give your coin/token a better chance of being sold. Since most of the customers check to see if the reverse exchanges are also available and if the rates are good, and they check the maximum amount of your coin/token they would be able to sell, before placing an exchange order to buy your coin/token.


What is the minimum investment amount?

There is no minimum investment amount. You can start with any amount you'd like, and increase it over time.


Will you give me any interest for my investment?

Of course! We will give you up to 30% of the exchange fees we deduct from exchange orders to/from your coin, based on how many customers you refer to our website and your monthly exchange volume.


Is this really free?

There is absolutely no listing fee for listing a coin or a token.

To list your token, you just need to send a request and deposit your investment amount.

For listing a coin, we must first review the technical aspects of it and then implement the new exchange library for that coin based on one of our existing libraries. After that, we have to carefully test the new library for its reliability and security. That's a lot of tasks to do, and it's much riskier than listing a token. So, there is a software development fee for listing coins, which is around US$6,000.

Update: In order to support new and innovative projects and help them grow and reach their goals, we have decided to temporarily remove the $6,000 software development fee for listing coins, for a limited time. So, currently, both coins and ERC20 tokens will be listed completely free of charge.


What would be the exchange rates?

The rates are calculated dynamically and automatically by our proprietary exchange software. It depends on many factors such as our balances, the market volatility, the market direction, the ratio of buy orders to sell orders, and other factors. But in a calm market with steady prices, our fees are around 1%-1.5%.


How can I withdraw my investment?

When your coin/token got listed, you will receive information to access our investors portal, where you can see the information about exchange orders to/from your coin, the exchange fees, and your share of the exchange fees as your profit. You can easily click on the "Withdraw" button at any time, and your profit will be instantly transferred to your wallet.

In order to withdraw all or part of your investment, you can send your withdrawal request to at any time, and we will process your request as soon as possible. If you withdraw your whole investment, we would have to delist your coin/token.


Okay, let’s go!

Please contact and send us information about your coin/token. We would review your request and would usually respond within 24 hours. After negotiating the terms and conditions and receiving your investment, your coin/token would get listed on our next website upgrade.


Update 2018-02-17:

Since the time we have published this news article, we have received many requests for listing various Ethereum tokens. While it's our honor to list credible and worthful tokens, the listings usually get delayed because we have to message back and forth with the owners to clear up ambiguities.

So, if you are sending a request to list a Token, to speed up the listing process, please make sure that you've carefully read the above guide, and you include the following information about your token:

  • Name of the token,
  • Symbol of the token,
  • Its website address,
  • Its contract address,
  • How many decimal digits it has?,
  • If it's a fixed-price token, its price,
  • If it's a dynamically-priced token, a method to update the price (preferably from,
  • How much would you like to invest?

Thank you, and good luck in reaching your business goals. We are right by your side in this path, and we do everything we could to help you.

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