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Introducing Karsha Vouchers

2017/11/4 12:37:29AM GMT

We are very excited to introduce our new service to you. Karsha Vouchers are one-time payment vouchers currently available in three currencies: USD (US Dollar), EUR (Euro), and BTC (Bitcoin). You can easily buy or sell them at our website with minimum fee, or spend them at the websites who accept them. Take a look at this voucher for example:

Karsha Voucher page

You can view your voucher information by scanning its QRCode, visiting its URL, or visiting this URL: and entering the voucher code.

Every voucher has a unique code. The code must be kept private, since anyone who has the code can spend the voucher. Each voucher also has an amount (e.g. 100), a currency (e.g. USD), a creation date, and if used, a used-on date. Every voucher has one or two parent vouchers.

You can merge two vouchers into a new voucher. The original vouchers would be used up and a new voucher would be created with the value of the sum of their values.

You can also split a voucher into two new vouchers with any ratio you like. The original voucher would be used up and two new vouchers would be created instead. These operations are all free.

You can split a voucher to all of its amounts. This way only one new voucher would be created instead, and the old voucher would get used up. This result also happens when you merge a voucher without entering another voucher code. This is useful when you want a new code for your voucher, especially when your voucher code is compromised.

Each voucher has its own URL at Karsha website too. It’s like:<voucher_code>. You can easily view the voucher information and do merge/split operations by visiting that URL. At the voucher page, there is an image containing a QRCode containing the voucher URL, plus other information about the voucher. You can download the image by clicking on it. This way, you can easily access your voucher at a later time, just by scanning the QRCode.

Karsha Voucher Image

You can buy and sell Karsha Vouchers, or exchange them to each other, just like any other payment system at Karsha website, and soon at other exchanges websites. Karsha Vouchers are great way to temporarily liquidate your cryptocurrencies, without having to pay any fee, or waiting for confirmations.

For example, you can instantly exchange your Bitcoins into Karsha Voucher USD/EUR when the Bitcoin price rises, and then exchange back your vouchers into Bitcoin when the price falls. Even you can use Karsha Voucher BTC as an intermediate system to trade with Bitcoin price and profit from Bitcoin price rises and falls, without having to pay any miner fee or waiting for confirmations.

You can also use them as an intermediate system if you want to order an exchange from many sources. You first separately exchange your sources to Karsha Vouchers, then merge the vouchers into one single voucher, and then order an exchange from your voucher to your desired destination.

As you see, the possibilities with Karsha Vouchers is only limited by your imagination.

Karsha Vouchers are also great way to pay at websites. You can merge and split your vouchers before payment, to generate a voucher with the exact value as your payment amount. This way, you can be sure that nobody would access to the remainder amount of your voucher. Even if your voucher worth more than the payment amount, a remainder voucher would be automatically generated for you, and the merchants are required to give you the remainder voucher code. Although we strongly recommend splitting your voucher yourself beforehand, to be sure of the safety of your money.

Merchants can also accept Karsha Vouchers as a safe, fast, and easy payment system. Payments are instant and totally free. You can read more information about using Karsha Voucher API to accept and autonomously merge, split, and spend vouchers at this page.

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