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What is Personal Salt?

2017/11/5 4:42:21AM GMT

The main problem with one-time vouchers is that they get lost. When you merge, split, or spend your vouchers, they'd be converted to new vouchers. There is a good chance that somewhere in the middle, you forget to save a voucher. This means losing it forever.

Well, we have created a solution for this problem, and named it Personal Salt. A Personal Salt is a string of characters, chosen by you, which would be used when generating new vouchers. So, in a way, a Personal Salt is something like your password.

When you enter a voucher code on the Voucher page, you can also enter your Personal Salt. If you enter a correct Personal Salt (which you'd used previously for merge/split operations), you would also see the the children vouchers codes too under the parent vouchers codes. You can trace the codes, until you reach the unspent voucher you'd lost. So, if you remember only one of your vouchers, you can trace and find every single child voucher which is generated by it, and then finally find your unused voucher.

If you define a Personal Salt for yourself, and always use it when entering the Voucher page, then evey single merge or split operation you do would use that salt to generate new voucher codes, instead of a randomly generated one.

Please keep in mind that the Personal Salt is used for every operation made personally by you. So, if you spend a voucher with a value larger than your payment amount at a merchant, the remainder voucher which would be given to you by the merchant would use the merchant's Personal Salt instead of yours, and it would not be traceable by you. So, as we've always strongly recommended, you must split your voucher yourself before the payment using your own Personal Salt, and then spend the resulted voucher on the merchant's website. This way you are the one who generates the remainder voucher with your own Personal Salt.

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