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How to Fill Out The Token Information Form

If you are intending to list your ERC20 token on Karsha, you just need to fill out the registration form. The form contains a few fields and it takes not more than 2 minutes to fill it out. But it's important to put correct and accurate values in those fields, because most of these information will be saved permanently and most of them won't be editable afterwards.

First, open the Token & ICO registration form: The fields are:

  1. Name: The name of your token. It consists of up to 40 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, space, period, ampersand, plus sign, minus sign, and parenthesis.
  2. Symbol: The symbol of your token. It's case-sensitive, and it consists of up to 10 uppercase and lowercase letters and digits.
  3. Contract Address: The Ethereum ERC20 contract address of your token. 40 hexadecimal characters, starting with "0x...". Do not put the URL to your contract page in websites such as in this field.
  4. Decimals: The number of decimal digits of your ERC20 contract. This value is defined in the source file of your contract when you created it.
  5. Price Per Unit:
    • Fixed: If the price of your token does not change regularly, choose "Fixed" here and enter the price of each token. You can set the price based on USD, ETH, or BTC. For example, if you set the price to 0.001 BTC, we will dynamically calculate the price of your token based on the current price of Bitcoin. So, if Bitcoin was priced at $9000, your tokens will be sold for $9 each. Please note that no matter what you choose here as your price base, you'll receive the money in ETH.
    • Dynamic: If the price of your token always changes (e.g. if you want us to base the price on another exchange's price), you'd need to select "Dynamic" here. You'd also need to prepare a specially formatted file on your server to return the correct buy/sell prices and enter its URL. We have prepared a sample static text file at this address:, but you can use PHP or other web programming languages to generate the output on the fly and fetch the price info from other source(s), then format it and return the formatted result to our server. As you see, the file format is JSON. You may have many different tokens in one single URL, separated by their symbol. The sample file contains the price information for only one token with symbol of "KTIP", and it sets the buy price to 1 USD and the sell price to 0.005 ETH. Based on the selected Available Operations for your token, the file needs to contain the "sell" section, the "buy" section, or both of them. Also, the output of the file is cached for 5 minutes. So, if you change anything, you may need to wait for up to 5 minutes before the changes apply on our server.
  6. Available Operations: If you want your customers to be able to buy your tokens, select "Buy" here. If you want them to be able to sell their tokens, select "Sell" here. You need to select either "Buy", "Sell", or both of them.
  7. Expiration Date: If the listing has an expiration date, put it here. Otherwise, check the No Expiration checkbox. If you set an expiration date, your token will be available until the end of that date in GMT timezone, and then it will be automatically disabled.
  8. Website: The website address for your token. You can put full website address (starting with http:// or https://). If you omit the protocol, http:// will automatically be added to the beginning of it.
  9. Contact Email: A valid email address which will be visible in your token information page. You will also receive the private information for your token listing to this email address. So, make sure that you put a valid email address.
  10. Short Summary: Write a short summary of your token in this field. No HTML tag is allowed and the maximum length is 500 characters.
  11. Withdrawal Ethereum Wallet: This is important. Put the address of your Ethereum wallet here (which starts with "0x..." and contains 40 hexadecimal characters). You will be able to withdraw the ETH we sold your tokens for to this address. So, make sure to put a valid and correct address here.
  12. I'm not a robot: Check this box to prove that this is not an automated request.

Warning! From these fields, Price Per UnitAvailable OperationsExpiration Date, and Short Summary will be editable afterwards in your Administration Panel. Other fields will be saved permanently and are not editable. So, read this guide carefully and double check your inputs to make sure that you enter correct data in them.



  • If you enter any invalid value in any field, the page will show you an appropriate error message. But it cannot validate your website address, your wallet or contract addresses, or other values to see of they are correct or not.
  • You, or anybody else, can register many tokens with the same name, symbol, contract address, etc.
  • After you submit the form, you'll receive an email with information about your token listing. The email contains the ID of your token, the initial password to login to the Administration Panel, and special URL's for your token:
    • Token Information Page: It contains everything you've entered here, except the Withdrawal Ethereum Wallet. You can distribute this link to introduce your token to your customers.
    • Direct Link to Buy: If you've enabled the "Buy" operation for your token, you'll receive this special link to our homepage, which will set the destination system to your token. You can distribute this link to allow your customers to buy your tokens fast and easily.
    • Direct Link to Sell: If you've enabled the "Sell" operation for your token, you'll receive this special link to our homepage, which will set the source system to your token. You can distribute this link to allow your customers to sell your tokens fast and easily.
  • You must login to the Administration Panel first. There, you'll see a new Ethereum wallet address which is created specially for your token. In order to activate your token listing, send the tokens you intend to sell on Karsha to that address, wait for a few confirmations, and refresh the administration page. Your token listing will be activated instantly and you'll see the amount on that page, once we receive the tokens supply. After that, your tokens are available to buy at our website and all other links would work then.
  • In the Administration Panel:
    • You may edit the price and price type (fixed/dynamic), available operations (buy/sell), expiration date, or the short summary of your token. Other information are not editable.
    • You can temporarily Pause your token listing, and Resume it later. When it's paused, no buy/sell operation would be allowed.
    • You can Cancel your token listing. This operation is irreversible and cannot be undone.
    • You can change your password.
    • You can see some live statistics about the status of the sale, and withdraw the remaining tokens or the ETH we sold your tokens for to the Withdrawal Ethereum Wallet.


Sample Token:

We have created a sample token here: This is a token to make some donations to or to tip the Karsha staff. If you want to see how the procedure works and test the quality, speed, and reliablity of our Token & ICO subsystem, or if you're just too satisified with the service of our staff and you want to tip them, you can open the token information page, click on the "Buy Now" button, and buy some of their tokens. You may also click on our Direct Buy link instead:

Please note that all of these donations and tips will be paid directly to the staff. Thank you on behalf of them in advance for your generosity!