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Great News!

We have created a fully automated system for you to register your Ethereum ERC20 token and start selling instantly. You just need to fill up the registration form, then transfer the initial token supply to the Ethereum wallet which is created for your token.

You would get a page on our website with your token information and an exclusive short link to our homepage to directly sell your tokens. We will also give you access to our Token Administration Panel in which you can see the statistics, and easily and instantly withdraw Ether or your remaining tokens. And all of these are FREE!

By registering your token with Karsha, people can easily buy your tokens with any of the 440+ coins we accept, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Zcash, Litecoin, etc. We will exchange their coins on the fly to Ether (ETH) without them even noticing, deposit the money to the special Ethereum wallet of your token, and then send your tokens to their wallets. The exchange fees are as low as 0.5%, and you can withdraw the Ether immediately.

You can even enable full two-way trading for your token, so your clients can sell their tokens too. You may set a static price for your token, based on USD, BTC, or ETH, or enter a price update URL to set a dynamic price for it.

Please first read our guide to learn how to fill up the registration form. It will help you understand the usage and application of each field, and you will be able to fill up the form easily and correctly. It is really important to enter valid and correct data, because most of the values you put in that form will be saved permanently and you wouldn't be able to edit them later.